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squeeze pageLanding Pages

Ever wondered why you are directed to a particular page on a website after searching a particular keyword or keyword phrase?
That page to which you are specifically directed is called a landing page.

You may also be directed to a lead capture page (Squeeze page) from an email campaign, social media site, a banner, blog posts or a marketing campaign(PPC) on the search engine. A Lead capture page is an effective tool to market your products.

Lead capture pages are always designed to achieve a single objective; may be to get traffic to subscribe to a service, buy a product, join a discussion, etc.

Lead generation landing pages are ones which allow you collect vital information about your prospects that will enable you connect with and market your products to them. These pages have a form requiring you to fill details like name, email address and so on as well as a brief description of what you will gain in exchange for your information. However, the length of the form in such pages is important as it directly affects the rate of conversion.

Having known that a landing page is a web page that prompts some kind of action from the visitor, it is important that you optimize them.

The content type, design, layout, loading speed and other details about a lander must be of high quality if you want the lead to take action.

You can have as many landing pages as you wish, just make sure each lead capture page aims at a particular goal without repetition.

It is quite easy to create a landing page but if you find it hard, always seek help from a professional web designer.

The only purpose of a Squeeze page is to get the visitor to take a action, normally that action is to provide us with their name and email address in order to build a email list but can also be a page where you market a product. A squeeze page can also be use to sell a product where you list the benefits of your product and try the visitor to click on a buy button.

If your main purpose is to grow your email list then your squeeze page should always have an opt-in form and a call to action, normally to download free product such as a free report or free e book , software etc.

To maximize your traffic direct all traffic to the squeeze page.

It is important to note that all successful marketers use squeeze pages.

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