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A day out of the office resulted in hundreds of emails, just imagine the first day after a weeks holiday.

My email inbox was so cluttered that keeping it under control was a nightmare, I did not respond to half of the important emails as I was to busy checking (opening and closing) unimportant emails.
Deleting the junk emails or emails I thought were junk resulted in important messages to be overlooked and sometimes got me in a bit of trouble.

Just deleting everything wasn’t an option neither was unsubscribing because almost all of it is work related.
So I had to come up with a solution that did not involve hours of unproductive time wasted reading of emails.
So the first step was to apply the Pareto principle (80–20 rule) and identify the email addresses that send me the most unproductive emails.
I created automated rules to move these emails to newly created folders under my inbox and voila my inbox were 80{292f5c2f0ea9474a5861793c03cae1f9c9ab207f38d87af412a558edff2a1847} uncluttered leaving only 20{292f5c2f0ea9474a5861793c03cae1f9c9ab207f38d87af412a558edff2a1847} to actually open and respond to.
The next step was to train the email senders to rather phone me with important issues rather than emailing me.
I now check my emails twice a day early morning and late afternoon.

Here are the steps I used to create the rules in Microsoft outlook (Work) and Mozilla Thunderbird (Home PC)
I’m not using GMail but will add a link on how to create rules with GMail



Follow these easy steps to De-clutter your Thunderbird Email inbox
Step 1
Right Click on the Inbox
Click on new folder and give the folder a name that will identify your email group




Step 2
On the Menu Bar Select Tools
Click Message Filters
Click New
Give the Filter A Name in the Filter Name Field
Choose ‘Match any of the following’
Select FROM
In the Contains box add BenMa




Select option under ‘Apply filter when’
Choose ‘Match any of the following’
Select From in the drop down in the Subject (You can select any distinct identifier from the list)
Add ‘BenMa ‘ in the Contains Box
Click on the + sign and add a new rule
Select From in the drop down in the Subject
Add ‘internetmarketingaccelerated’ in the Contains Box
Select ‘Move Message to’
Select ‘BenMa’ from the Folder List
Click on OK


Click on Run Now and your new rule will move all the emails from BenMa and



Internetmarketingaccelerated to the BenMa Folder.

The Folder BenMa will be bold and the number of unread emails will be displayed in brackets next to the Folder Name.



Step 3

Continue steps 1 and 2 for all your frequently received emails and manage the email clutter n your email inbox.



Microsoft Outlook






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