How to create an Android App using appsgeyser

Previously, the creation of mobile apps was the reserve of software developers and mobile phone manufacturing companies, but not anymore. Today, it is very much possible to create an Android app without the need for any software or app development skills. All that you need to create an app is to access the app geyser website. The latter site is an app-building site that allows for the conversion of online content into Android apps. The process of creating an app on this website is relatively straightforward. Step number one is to access the website and click on the “Create App” icon found on the site’s homepage.

The second step is selecting an app format from the various formats available. The app formats available on the site include website, chat, business, media, browser, store, and taxi.

After selecting the website format, for instance, enter the website URL on the form that appears. After this, you will be required to provide a name for the app you wish to create.

The next step after this is to type in the features of the app as well as provide a description, in the given fields. In writing the app description, use the legal information found on your website and also include a link to the site.

Once that is done, upload a photo or a logo to be your app icon. If you do not have any of this, you can always use the app geyser default app icon. After clicking on the “next” button, preview the app on the mobile icon. Rectify any mistake you find on the preview and click on “Refresh Preview.”

Once you are satisfied that your app is okay, click on the “create app” icon. After clicking on this icon, your app will be ready to publish. You can publish the android app on the Android Google Play store, or you can scan the QR code of the app to install it to your phone.

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