How to build a business around a WordPress Theme

Business Model Examples on how to use a WordPress Theme to Create an Offline Business

By using a WordPress Themes, you will be able to build a site quickly and easily, and then charge a juicy fee for your efforts. Therefore, we are going to let you know how to develop the right WordPress theme business right away.

Build a business around WordPress by using Themes like PremoPress that is designed for a specific niche.

1) WP REAL PRO  (download the Theme here)

This is the right WordPress theme for rental property agents as well as real estate agents, since they will find anything they want.
In addition, the price of this theme is affordable as they will just have to pay $37 for a branded theme and $47 for a theme with re-branding options.
Visitors can search for any home by using several criteria such as price range and location.
You can customize logos, fonts, colors, images.
The theme comes with many widgets that allow you to display new listing, collect emails, and so forth.

2) WP Auto Mall

With this WordPress theme you can easily build a car dealer website. This theme is  $37 for a branded theme and $47 for a theme with re-branding options.
It includes widgets such as a vehicle loan calculator and a vehicle search widget.
wp auto mall

WordPress websites normally get preference form the major search engines and speed up the whole development process.
You will be able to install the whole theme with just one click. Isn`t it amazing? Of course, it is.
In addition, since WordPress themes are SEO friendly, you will get tons of traffic if you keep posting great content on a regular basis and building back-links over time.

Potential Business Model Examples

There are many of the smaller Car dealers and Real estate agents out there who don’t have a website.
Look for the smaller Car dealers and Real estate agents. They normally have smaller budgets to set up a website and for advertising.

Business Model Example 1:
Charge a once off Fee setting up the Website and offer training as part of a turn-key solution and let the Client run their own website.
You can easily charge between $1500 to $5000 for a tailor made website that includes their logo and other modifications such as their contact us page, about us etc.
Decide on a set number of listings included in your price upfront and clearly specify how much additional listings will cost.
Provide limited free training for a couple of their employees on how to upload new listings.

Business Model Example 2:
One of the challenges is updating a website so that it stays current with the stock in hand.
Provide a service where you will update the listing entries and images once or twice a week.
Agree on an hourly retainer rate or a set fee per item listed.
Be sure to agree on the turn around time, if you agree on lets say a 24 hour turn around time stick to it.
Provide Web Hosting via an affiliate hosting company and make a bit extra.

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