What is a Autoresponder

Autoresponders refers to a program of a computer that answers e-mails that are delivered to it automatically. These e-mails may either be complex or simple. Autoresponders are widely used as e-mail marketing tools in order to provide immediate information for their customers and by the end follow with them with the intervals in the present time. Also, they are included in electronic subscriber lists software to be able to read the subscriptions, posts, unsubscriptions along with other list activities.


a. Outsourced ASP model  – These usually is run on the infrastructure of the provider. They configured via a web based cpanel.A monthly usage   fee is usually paid by the customer. It is the easiest in the implementation by a finish user.

b. Server side – This gives you to setup the autoresponder system on their own server and requirements technical skills.


i. Enables building and managing of a big set of contacts- It enables capturing of contact information from a join web page and storing from the database automatically.

ii. Enables selling products on autopilot – An individual can set it up then it automatically sells their items.

iii.Monitoring one’s success – Services provided by this system enables a person to monitor open rates of one’s emails after which number of individuals who clicked on the links within those emails.


i. Are expensive It charges a month-to-month fee which may increase as an individual gets more subscribers

ii. Lack of proper deliverability- In the event that a person does not pay for the monthly charge he may chose to use a free one. This gives no ensure that the e-mails will probably be delivered. An individual might receive spam complaints to make the company to even go out of the company.

iii. Inability to create effective follow-up emails – It is usually easy to procrastinate writing autoresponder message because it takes time and effort to publish them out.

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